Do you know someone where doing good is their destination? Please let us know. One of our travelers is doing just that!  Read about his story…One Penny at a Time

My name is Jonathan Roesser but I really like to be called “The Pennyman”!

I have been collecting pennies for 10 years and then donating  them to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I first started collecting when I was in High School and a classmate of mine passed away from Leukemia. My teacher started a school-wide campaign in partnership with the L & L Society in memory of our friend and I never stopped saving pennies after that.

I have been able to do some really cool things to celebrate my annual donations.  I was on Channel 2 in the Great Kids segment, I led a team of friends and family on the LIGHT THE NIGHT walk and I even went down a big slide into a huge pool of blue jello. ( I wore my goggles for that one)!

So far I have donated a total of $5,128.00 and most of that was in pennies. I like to hand out penny jars to my church, my friends, friends of my friends, my support staff and my family. It takes a lot of time to wrap them up and then deliver them to the bank and boy are they heavy!! I usually use a wagon to get them there. This year with the coronavirus I had to find a safe way to collect so I now have a “GoFundMe” page set up for donations. I was able to raise the most money EVER this year, $1,055! See this link if you would like to donate…

When people ask me why I collect pennies I tell them that I remember when my friend Andrew died and that I hope my pennies will help find a cure so no one else will get sick from this cancer. One penny at a time.

“The Pennyman”