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What we offer ?2018-08-21T02:51:35+00:00

Since 1975 we have provided interesting and diverse year-round vacation opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Within our vacations, we offer attractive tour itineraries providing our travelers with choices so that we can individualize as much as possible to create an outstanding vacation experience for each participant. Quality vacations, individualized to meet the vacationers’ needs and preferences, are facilitated by each trip being limited to 6 to 8 vacationers, traveling with two staff escorts.

There is great diversity in our vacation selections! We travel to incredible places throughout the United States and beyond. So, sit back, relax, and let your mind travel with us for a moment. Experience this beautiful and diverse world of ours as you review our Vacation Summary. Here you will find almost 100 different destinations of both familiar and unique experiences. From tropical holidays, healthy retreats, western adventures, and European treasures to exploring the special interests of the train enthusiast, history buff or animal and nature lover, you are sure to find some fascinating choices. Explore this beautiful and diverse world we live in ….care for it ….tread lightly …and explore with us in friendship and fun!

Who Travels With Us ?2018-08-21T02:32:53+00:00

Basically, our travelers are adults with intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities, and special needs who enjoy traveling in a small, supervised group for fun and friendship. They enjoy the opportunity for personal choices and flexibility available in traveling and exploring in a small group of 6 to 8 vacationers with two staff escorts.

They are cooperative and considerate of others and able to adjust in a reasonably short time to a new environment with the assistance of supportive and caring staff. They are able to provide for their personal self-care needs with reminders or minimal assistance, and while they may have certain medical conditions, they do not impair their safety, welfare, or participation while on their vacation.

They are really excited about their vacation and want to see and do everything that is unique to their chosen destination!

What About Supervision ?2018-08-21T02:48:04+00:00

Each trip is limited to 8 participants who travel with two staff escorts. Our escorts make every effort to help everyone feel welcome and comfortable in their new environment and to make new friends! They supervise the administration of medication, provide reminders with daily living skills, and monitor vacation spending money upon request.. They incorporate individual interests, preferences, and choices throughout each trip to make each vacation a meaningful and memorable experience

Our escorts are human service professionals familiar with persons with developmental disabilities. They come from professions such as therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation counseling, residential and day services programs, special education, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and nursing. They bring to each trip their experience and ability, their personal and professional commitment, and their fun and charming personality to provide safe, enjoyable and rewarding travel experiences for each vacationer!

What about trip costs ?2018-08-21T22:53:35+00:00

Costs are all inclusive. They include transportation costs from the western New York state area (with cost adjustments easily made for those traveling from other locations), transportation at our destinations, accommodations, all meals and snacks, tours and attractions, and supervision. Spending money is needed primarily for the purchase of souvenirs, postcards, or personal items. A payment plan and travel insurance are available.

Please note that the costs listed in our Catalog are approximate and may change based upon travel or accommodation costs not within our control. It has been our experience, however, that quoted costs do not differ significantly and one can expect of budget accordingly. We always take advantage of the most reasonably priced travel services that meet the needs of our vacationers at the time of booking.

What Happens After I Send In My Application ?2018-08-21T22:06:55+00:00

After the Preliminary Application has been received (no deposit is required until acceptance), the needs and preferences of the applicant are reviewed in relation to their vacation selection.

Accepted applicants are matched with one of their vacation choices based on availability. It’s always a good idea to make more than one selection if possible, since many trips fill up quite rapidly. We’ll give you a call if all your selections are filled, and let you know what is still available.

Accepted applicants will be notified in writing and will receive additional information pertaining to their vacation selection, including a Supplementary Information Form which requests additional pertinent personal information and a request for payment.

Applicants who are not accepted for a vacation will be notified by phone or in writing. The primary reasons for non-acceptance are: ( a ) their vacation selections were filled, and the applicant may request to be placed on a waiting list or make new choices, or ( B ) it was felt that their needs could not adequately or safely be met on the requested vacation.

How Do I Travel With You If I Live Outside Of New York State ?2018-08-21T22:18:46+00:00

Vacationers join us in many different ways depending upon the originating hometown of the traveler(s), the vacation destination, and the vacationer preferences and needs. For example: vacationers may be picked up en-route for trips by van(designated in the trip description as “transportation from Buffalo”) that will be traveling in their direction; or they may arrive at our destination where they are met upon arrival to join us.

There are obviously many variables and combinations of possibilities, with vacationers joining us from throughout the United States and Canada. We’re happy to work with our travelers and those assisting them in arranging the easiest and most reasonable means of joining us. Transportation and cost adjustments are made where applicable.

Are Additional Date And Destination Alternatives Available?2018-08-21T22:34:28+00:00

Yes! We are often able to be quite flexible in meeting the needs and preferences of those who wish to travel with us. We recognize that trips in our Catalog fill up quite rapidly, and sometimes variations in trip length or dates may be needed to meet the needs of families or residential programs. Thus, we frequently add trips to popular destinations for requested dates and from convenient departure sites.

We enjoy bringing together people with similar interests for the shared experiences of a vacation and will make every effort to fulfill such requests. Just ask!

How Do I Find Out More About Specific Vacations And Obtain An Application ?2018-08-21T22:52:01+00:00

Just Request our current Catalog, and you will find more details about each vacation!
Trip Descriptions, Dates, Prices, General Information, and a Preliminary Application are all there!

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions…. We love to talk with you personally!

Are There Any Other Services That You Offer ?2018-08-21T22:58:38+00:00

Yes! We believe that there are many ways to engage in travel and to experience the world around us…. many ways where travel touches the deep human needs for connection, personal growth, and contribution, and we find that our similarities are much greater than our differences!

It is with this in mind, that our vision opens to the world of possibilities and guides our expanding services. We welcome adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities from around the United States and around the World, for specially designed learning vacations and exchanges, and other uniquely designed experiences which join together people, animals, and the earth. Join us on this exciting journey to share fun, friendship, and understanding! We welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas with us!

We love to talk with you personally and welcome your interest !

For Additional Information, Please feel free to contact us directly.

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