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Trip “Tails”~ Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

People and Places visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation’s largest sanctuary for abandoned and abused animals in beautiful Angel Canyon, located in the majestic red rock country of southern Utah. Here the group spent part of their travel experience at a “heaven on earth” where 1800 homeless dogs, cats, horses, pigs, bunnies, feathered friends and others, find a home and haven for the rest of their lives. While most find new homes with loving families, the remainder of the animals live happily at Best Friends no matter what challenges they face.

While visiting, the group learned how Best Friends care for the animals in lots of different ways: feeding the animals, cleaning their living areas, grooming them, taking them on walks ~ and generally giving them lots of companionship ~ love and attention, pets, hugs, and cuddles! A visit to Zion National Park, The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and a night on the Las Vegas strip topped off this experience!

For more information see our 2020 catalog under Animal Magnetism. Also visit our section under National Parks~ Canyons, Parks & Furry Friends where we are adding to this enriching experience!

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park
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