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to Adventure and Travel

Join our small, friendly groups for fun vacations with escorts experienced in providing exceptional services for people with special needs!

Small groups of 8 vacationers travel with 2 vacation escorts on over 100 trips each year to amazing and diverse destinations throughout the United States and beyond !

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Our Vacations are all inclusive: transportation, meals, accommodations, attractions and entertainment, and supervision are included with each vacation we offer ~ along with a photo album of trip memories and a complimentary People and Places Keepsake! 

“Nothing is impossible to the willing heart.”

Thomas Heywood

“ People and Places~they go above and beyond. I love meeting new friends on the trips.
The escorts are funny, outgoing, and really nice.”


“The vacations are a great way to go new places and meet new people along the way.
The escorts are wonderful!”


“I liked the trips and they are lots of fun, interesting, and adventurous.
The escorts were outstanding, kind and helpful !”


“My son has experienced several trips with People and Places and thoroughly enjoyed each one.
The escorts are extremely organized, competent and attentive to each individuals needs.
An opportunity to travel, make new friends and create wonderful memories”!


“I love escorting the folks with People and Places!
The exciting itineraries and small group travel is the BEST!”


We Welcome Your Interest in Our Amazing World of Travel!